Client Success Stories

Companies from different industries are using Youkno to improve performance and engagement levels.

Sales Performance

Fortune 500 Telco

The Problem

A tremendous cost in hiring and rehiring front-line sales staff. Ongoing losses in sales opportunities and a continuous loss of valuable company information:

  • High attrition among the on the ground sales team
  • Lack of involvement amongst group in solving day to day issues
  • Lack of exposure to experienced sales reps from junior members
  • Loss of knowledge that was being shared among third party apps
  • Inter department resolutions latency

The Solution

Adopted Youkno as the go to platform for information sharing and rewards:

  • Encouraged reps to share ideas and experiences to educate and capture tribal knowledge
  • Incentivised knowledge sharing and participation in team activities through rewards
  • Issued Challenges and Surveys to engage and train
  • Stimulated competition through real time updated leaderboard
  • Connected multiple departments to shared streams of information

We are thrilled to have our team working so efficiently. The results speak for themselves. Youkno is one of the best solutions out there.

Head of Sales

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Employee Performance

Large Engineering Company

The Problem

High cost with onboarding new employees and lots of missed opportunities to capture extremely valuable knowledge:

  • Slow moving process of induction (up to 6 weeks)
  • After induction, high latency in getting people up to speed with latest experiences from the field
  • Lack of exposure to experienced engineers from junior members of team

The Solution

Reshaped the entire process of induction by bringing content and employees on Youkno:

  • Everyone got to go through the entire process at their pace without having to wait for others
  • Real time monitoring of steps made by each and every employee while offering encouragement and support
  • Easy transition of employees from induction stage to facing day to day issues. The induction process became the natural introduction to ongoing training – sharing of ideas, dilemmas and experiences kept everyone up to date with latest from the field.
  • Rewarded the contribution of employees to the ongoing conversation and got everyone that mattered interested in being part of the company culture

I love using Youkno with my team. It's very easy to use and has shown us all nothing but great results.

Sales Manager

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Customer Performance

Large Pharma Retailer

The Problem

Missed opportunities to close more sales on a proven channel. Increased pressure on the supply chain revealed key issues with supply:

  • The program Click & Collect gave customers the opportunity to build an online cart with pickup from the pharmacy
  • The program showed a tremendous upsell opportunity, only partially exploited at the point of pick-up
  • Stocking issues arose between building the online cart and moment of pick-up from the pharmacy

The Solution

Through Youkno, they connected:

  • The customer with the pharmacists
  • The pharmacists across the network
  • The pharmacists with the supply chain representatives

Customers got to build their cart online with direct assistance from pharmacists at the pick-up point.
Pharmacists became able to adjust supply faster and make better purchase recommendations.
They eliminated the difference between purchase order from the moment of cart building and moment of pick-up.

We've built a solid relationship with our online customers and we are much more in sync with our suppliers.

Pharmacist, Retail Point 31

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