Core Features

Boost performance through Youkno’s Artificial Intelligence platform

Participants are presented with the best practices and know how at the right time and place.


Ad hoc group chat with linear conversation, limited access to company’s knowledge pool and uncontrollable latency.


The use of Artificial Intelligence makes participants more knowledgeable – while the flow of information is ongoing, AI starts to make sense of what data can be used, for whom, when and where. It’s ability to summarize and offer recommendations is unprecedented among other technology platforms.

Increase engagement using Recognition

Your participants are on an upward spiral through continuous recognition of their contributions.


“Likes” and “Thank you’s” for helping out.


An AI driven system of recognition is a complete revamp of the way sharing of information works. It encourages people to engage and contribute while nurturing a culture of acknowledgement.

  • A points system to adequately reward quantitative and qualitative input 
  • Cash and Vouchers to reward and drive behaviour
  • Badges to indicate reputation, accomplishments and skills
  • The utilization of games and game mechanics to continuously drive engagement levels

Capture valuable insights using Anonymity

Participants talk openly making it easy to get to the core of meaningful problems.


Softening of valuable input not to upset upper management and draw attention on self – missed opportunities for problem solving and improvement.


With anonymity built-in people are free to express themselves, causing ideas and opinions to flow freely and immediately improving the problem solving process.

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Youkno is an AI driven crowdsourced knowledge sharing solution that leverages the power of machine learning to significantly improve sales, employee and customer performance.

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